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How do you introduce a class like Mindfulness to school children? You start where they are and make it meaningful to them. This is a link to such a story, a story that also provides a simple do-it-yourself app for your cell phone. An app I now use and you may want to too.

Why an app? Because texting is the “in” form of communication at the personal level for school kids. The app is a simple text message: .b

In England where the story started, a period at the end of sentence is often referred to as a full stop. The common focus of Mindfulness, particularly for the beginner is “breath.” Text .b and it is received as a reminder to: STOP! Breath, continue.

Simple message – simply delivered – simply profound.

A TED Talk: Mindfulness in Schools: Richard Burnett at TEDxWhitechapel
Published Feb 14, 2013