$250 million for the social Web including healthcare

Pioneering venture capitalist John Doerr, lionized in Silicon Valley for leading investments in Netscape, Amazon and Google, helped build the consumer Internet. Now he’s making a huge bet on the next round of the Web. … Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers has established a $250-million fund called the “sFund” to back social entrepreneurs who connect people online no matter where they are. …

He described the fund as a “quarter-billion-dollar party,” but its intention is serious: not to create the next Facebook but to give advice and cash to the entrepreneurs building out the social Web. Some of the areas ripe for investment are healthcare, education, mobile computing and tablets. “The third great wave of the Internet is mobile and social together,” Doerr said. “It’s going to be tectonic.”  http://goo.gl/rsDO

Patientslikeme.com may be one example. Almost certainly, these new ventures will involve the collection and distribution of medical information from more people and about more topics. Our picture of both the maintenance of health and the treatment of sickness and injury will be impacted. Our ideas about the scope and role of electronic medical records will change as will the sources and applications of the data.

Short link: http://wp.me/syfFd-530


One response to “$250 million for the social Web including healthcare

  1. I need to talk with him. I see the potential in healthcare and the needs. Thanks for sharing this.

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