EMRs: Increasing Complexity and Capabilities V

Bathroom Scale, Apple ear-buds & 9,000 variables

A video of a direct link from a bathroom scale and from a blood pressure cuff to a patient’s computer and from there to their personal health record (PHR) that is linked to their doctors’ (intentionally plural) records. YouTube

A short video showing Apple ear-buds that can capture body temperature, heart rate, and blood oxygen level plus a number of other small devices to provide real-time and near real-time measurements of body functions including level and amount of sleep.TED

BodyMedia has been working closely with Apple and Google, to develop its smartphone application. It opens the door to allowing a person to monitor a collection of the 9,000 variables — physical activity, calories burned, body heat, sleep efficiency and others — collected by the sensors in an armband in real-time, as the day goes on. The Bluetooth-enabled armband costs $249 and the BodyMedia data service costs $7 a month, when purchased in an annual subscription. The new offerings go on sale next month [November 2010] at the company’s Web site and at Amazon.” The company claims they have already “helped over 400,000 users monitor 10 million days of activity” using earlier devices.

Potentially massive amounts of additional data that can be captured, stored and analyzed at the level of the patient’s record or the doctors’. Data that can be used to track progress and risks in essentially real-time. Data that can be used to improve healthcare and reduce costs.

Short link: http://wp.me/pyfFd-87


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