Building an Integrated EMR One Piece at a Time

Today Allscripts made three major announcements:

An agreement with Intuit Inc. to become the first to offer Quicken Health(SM) Bill Pay. The online service integrates with Allscripts’ practice management and revenue cycle management solutions, used by 110,000 physicians, to help patients understand their medical bills and pay them online while helping physicians get paid faster.

An agreement with mPay Gateway allows Allscripts Patient Payment Assurance to provide point-of-care collection of credit card and debit card payments, which all but eliminates the need for patient billing. The solution enables providers to calculate how much the patient owes, based on their own rates and the patient’s insurance, and obtain payment authorization before the patient leaves the office. The patient’s payment card is charged only after the clinic settles the claim with the insurance company. Clinics that are utilizing the solution have realized 50 percent decreases in patient receivables.

A new partnership between Iowa Health System and Allscripts, called ePrescribe Iowa, will offer a free Web-based e-prescribing solution to physicians throughout Iowa. ePrescribe Iowa automates the process of writing prescriptions and transmitting them to pharmacies while alerting physicians to potentially dangerous drug-to-drug interactions, drug allergies, dosage errors and other problems that can occur when writing prescriptions on paper.

This blog post is not intended to be promotion for Allscripts but rather an illustration of how fully functional EMRs may be assembled one piece at a time. Easier for the doctors and a clever marketing strategy that begins with a simple relationship that has  potential for evolutionary growth.

By the way, I picked up this story on that high-tech Web site called Facebook.


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