Expanding the conversation – Blog + Linkedin

My blog focuses on electronic medical records and the value and complexity in the networks linking these records. I also belong to several related groups on Linkedin. As appropriate, I now link the blog and Linkedin to expand the conversation.

When I post an article to my blog, I note that on the “What are you working on now?” window on my Linkedin home page. If the topic is general, I ask a question on Linkedin, reference the blog with a link in the question, and send it out. A question posted on Linkedin has a URL which can be used to get back to the question and any answers that readers post. There is a comment on the post “Our focus” that demonstrates this type of link.

If the topic is more focused – and they usually are – I will go to one or more of my groups and open a discussion. Basically the same format with a question and a reference to the blog. This creates a URL for the discussion. There is a comment on the post “Tailored vs. best practices EMRs” That demonstrates this type of link.

Linkedin is now linked to the blog, either from a question to my contacts or to a discussion open to members of one of my groups.

I then go back to the blog and add links to the posts on Linkedin. The blog article is now linked to Linkedin.

The conversation is expanded, readers get the benefit of additional information and perspectives, and those who leave a comment reach a broader audience.


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